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Managed Social Media Package Pricing and Payment Center


Each package includes managed video channels, page design and implementation, channel management, social media applications (blog posting, live chat, membership profiles, groups, message boards, photo uploads, video and audio uploads, mobile app, messaging)


Basic Package 

$99.95 month

10,000 page views per month
30GB traffic per month
10 G storage per month

  Bronze Package

$169.99 month

20,000 page views per month
100,000GB traffic per month
20GB storage per month

 Silver Package

  $349.95 month

50,000 page views per month
300GB traffic per month
60GB storage per month

 Gold Package
consult management for
custom pricing of this package
Unlimited page views per month
Unlimited traffic per month
Unlimited traffic per month


 Payment Solutions



 Ad Run Payments

Length of ad run
Name of Advertiser
Type of Ad


 MSM Sign-Up Payments

MSM sign-up
Name of Your MSM Community


 MSM Monthly Payments

Name of Your MSM Community


 Custom Payments

Payment For