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Charles DuPree is founder and Chief Media Consultant for Charles DuPree & Associates.Charles  has been the long-time Associate Publisher of Minorities And Women In Business (MWIB) Magazine.  He came to MWIB in 1999 from Technology Review magazine where he was a national advertising manager. His primary mission at MWIB was to co-engineer the successful re-launch of the magazine. His myriad duties at MWIB include overseeing the entire business development apparatus of the publication as well as authoring many of the magazine’s feature articles. During his tenure, the magazine saw its subscriptions increase by 30% and revenues increase by 100%.

    A native of Detroit, Michigan, but long time resident of Atlanta, Charles has spent nearly two decades in the media publishing industry. He began at Academic Publications, Inc., a publishing company specializing in producing career placement manuals and employment search guides for colleges and universities. He quickly became Program Coordinator overseeing projects for institutions such as DePaul University, Penn State, Tulane University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When Academic Publications relocated to another state, Charles moved to Career Publishing Network where he served as Advertising Manager. There he was instrumental in publishing career guides for schools such as Stanford University, The California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) and The National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. (The National GEM Consortium), headquartered at Notre Dame University. Charles, by virtue of his experience with technology publications in general and MIT in particular, Charles was then invited to join the staff of Technology Review magazine where he served several years as advertising manager before joining MWIB.
Charles currently serves as publisher and Editor in Chief of MWBE.TV News Daily and MWBE.TV.

Multicultural Marketing

 DuPree Multimedia provides targeted multicultural advertising and sponsorship opportunities with our print, Web, and mobile partners.  Advertisers have the option of placements in any or all of our partner publishing properties.  We accept varying sizes of display ads for print publications as well as digital display, banner, video overlay, pre-roll and post roll ,.15 and 30 second commercial spots for Web and mobile.

(MSM) Managed ​​​Social Media Sites

Charles DuPree & Associates can create a custom branded  social media environment linked directly to your Web site.  Your channels and social media pages are totally created, managed and maintained through our MSMTV network. All that's left for you and your network to do is upload your mdia content.  The rest is up to us.  If you are a busy business professional, a small business with a limited budget, or if you are just technology-challenged, we have a package to fit your needs.