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Managed Social Media Solutions​


Custom managed video channels and social media solutions

  Want your own social media environment to collect members, post blogs, upload live and recorded video and audio, live chat with friends, messaging, rss feeds and more?

Charles DuPree & Associates can create a custom branded video channel and social media environment linked directly to your Web site.  Your channels and social media pages are totally created, managed and maintained through our MSMTV network.  If you are a busy business professional, a small business with a limited budget, or if you are just technology-challenged,  we have a package to fit your needs.



·  Drive more traffic and engagement with your brand by giving users the ability to share blog posts, video, audio, images and more with each other

·  Collect extensive and valuable feedback directly from your customers, employees or fans as they interact with each other

·  Keep your return visitors coming back for more and reward your community's most valuable members with our Points & Levels and Badging apps

·  Create a consistent online brand experience with a custom community, message board or forum that matches your existing website in every way

Core Features

Upload, moderate and publish both user generated and professional video content. Video files are transcoded to both Flash and HTML5, and available in multiple renditions, insuring they'll be viewable on more devices and platforms

Social Networking
Build unique and customized user profiles for every person on your site, and track the relationships and interactions between them.

Comments and Ratings

Allow your audience to give you feedback and interact with every piece of content on your site, with customizable comments and ratings
Comments and Ratings

Monitor and reward your most frequent and active visitors with a fully customizable scoring system.


Allow your customers to speak to each other in real time on your MSMTV site with our Chat functionality, powered by Userplane

Message Boards

Host moderated discussions on a wide range of topics with our message board application


Give registered users the ability to submit content to your Site.


Upload, moderate and publish user generated images.


Upload, and publish user generated or professional audio content, with on-page playback!


Provide users with the capability to record audio or video directly to their profile on your MSMTV Site.


Allow users within your community to self-organize into groups.

Events and Calendar

Link your online social experiences to the real world, by allowing users to schedule events, promote them to members and manage RSVPs


Give users the ability to arrange media within your community into collections around a theme or concept.



Mobile Apps 

Branded mobile app for your MSM site.


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